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Curso 11 - As consecuencias psicopatológicas en víctimas de desastres

Curso 11 - As consecuencias psicopatológicas en víctimas de desastres

Maria Paz García Vera (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Espanha)

Dia 21 de Outubro (terça-feira) das 14h00 às 18h00

 (Curso será ministrado em espanhol)

This course will contain sections titled:

  • Psychopathological consequences of traumatic events - long history in psychiatry and psychology;
  • Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
  • Psychological Treatment of the Psychopathological Repercussions of Terrorist Attacks
  • Psychology applied to terrorism - psychological treatment for victims of terrorist attacks;
  • Treatment of Other Mental Disorders
  • Empirical studies on psychological treatment of people - affected by attacks, strategy or plan to attend to mental health of victims of terrorist attacks;
  • Psychological treatment of psychopathological repercussions  of terrorist attacks;
  • Group studies on psychological treatment - of victims of terrorism;
  • clinical effectiveness of psychological treatments for PTSD - in victims of terrorism;
  • Innovative treatments - use of virtual reality in exposure therapy, investigated in treatment of victims of terrorism with PTSD;
  • treatment of other mental disorders;
  • Clearly a gap in current research - on treatment of psychopathological consequences of terrorism;
  • Psychological treatments, determining - their efficacy with victims of other traumatic events